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Ratafia was one of the principles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries liqueurs. It is a liqueur known throughout Abruzzo, made from sour cherries and red wine made from grapes of Montepulciano. It is traditionally produced by placing ripe whole or pitted cherries and sugar in glass containers exposed to the sun for about 30 days, in order to promote the fermentation. The product thus obtained is then added Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC wine, by soaking and shaking periodically until maturity. The product is then filtered and bottled.

Santo Spirito Ratafia is a fine liqueur and rich in tradition, with a sweet and pleasant taste, with an alcohol content of 21%. The color is intense ruby red with subtle purple hues and its distinctive aroma gives the nose aromas of berries with a predominance of black cherry. It is usually consumed young to appreciate the increased freshness of aromas. Its flavor is intense, confirms the aromas at the nose, the sweetness is clearly perceptible from the beginning, and a sensation of velvety softness pervades the mouth, the bitterness of black cherry that comes into conflict creates a perfect balance.


Ingredients: Alcohol, sugar, black cherry infused, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

Alcohol content: 21%



The preparation and use of Ratafia fall within the centuries-old farming tradition handed down from generation to generation. As reported by Alessio de Berardinis in "Memories on how to manifacture wines and spirits" (Teramo, 1868):

"... The name was given to that use which formerly had the ambassadors of the belligerent powers when they treated of peace to a happy canteen, drinking this liquor and utter those simple Latin words Pax rata fiat"

Apart from these hypotheses, perhaps picturesque and imaginative, the liquor was used, more prosaically, to ratify the trade agreements or the conclusion of notarial and legal acts at the end of the negotiations.

In the Abruzzese tradition people used to drink this delicious liqueur after the conclusion of contracts, when the Notary, to seal the agreement occurred, pronounced the quadratic formula "Ratafiat" ("you decide").


Santo Spirito aroma d’Abruzzo

Santo Spirito aroma d'Abruzzo is an artisan vocation company, natural for quality, and traditional for recipes, it is distinguished for the excellence of taste of its products. The choice of the brand, the hermitage of Santo Spirito a Maiella in Abruzzo, is the expression of the essence of our land: simple, cozy and full of spirituality.

The quality of Santo Spirito aroma d'Abruzzo comes from the tradition and the passion to create Liquors. Even today in the Sanro Spirito’s cellars some of the old recipes handed down by the Friars, come to life in the typical tradition of Abruzzo.

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