Liquorice grappa

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Liquorice grappa

Product description

Grappa is the classic alcohol beverages that come from  the past, it was made in the houses by alembic.


Liquorice grappa is perhaps the most classic. This kind of grappa, in origin is colorless and transparent, with a delicate and characteristic aroma and taste dry and clean. At the end of the distillation is macerate in it, the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra creating such a grappa with the typical aroma, slightly grassy, delicate and with many nuances. We select only pure licorice that gives flavor and quality to Spirito Santo Grappa. Taste distinctive, sharp and rather decided, with a not too sweet and slightly woody that makes it excellent as a digestive.


Ingredients: Grappa, pure liquorice

Alcohol content: 30%



The distillation methods have been developed between the eighth and sixth centuries BC in Mesopotamia and were soon applied to wine for the preparation of brandy. These processes are cited by alchemists from the twelfth century A.D. Even distillation from the pomace has probably very distant historical origins. According to legend, it is attributed to a Roman legionary in the first century BC, after his return from Egypt, he had stolen a distillation plant, and it has begun production of a distillate from the pomace of a vineyard which was in assignee Friuli using the techniques learned. The historian Luigi Papo traces the first production in Friuli in 511 A.D. by the Burgundians, who from neighboring Austria, during a brief installation in Cividale applied their techniques used in the distillation of cider apples for distillation from marc, thus obtaining grappa.


Santo Spirito aroma d’Abruzzo

Santo Spirito aroma d'Abruzzo is an artisan vocation company, natural for quality, and traditional for recipes, it is distinguished for the excellence of taste of its products. The choice of the brand, the hermitage of Santo Spirito a Maiella in Abruzzo, is the expression of the essence of our land: simple, cozy and full of spirituality.

The quality of Santo Spirito aroma d'Abruzzo comes from the tradition and the passion to create Liquors. Even today in the Sanro Spirito’s cellars some of the old recipes handed down by the Friars, come to life in the typical tradition of Abruzzo.

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