Wide Leonforte bean

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Wide Leonforte bean

Product description

Beans, mistreated from modern supply, are a valuable source of minerals and proteins. For their high content of protein and nutrients were called "the meat of poor".


The merits of Leonforte’s bean, which is cited in specialized texts, are: it is large, easy to cook, tasty and not very floury. The seeds are sown in mid-November. When the seedling sprouts, soil is hoed to prevent the growth of weeds. Thanks to the use of this technique avoids the use of herbicides. After a further weeding of the soil, which usually occurs during the months of March-April, began collecting commonly called green beans "favaiane".


The green beans are a great dish to use as a sauce for pasta or as a main dish. Between late May and early June, they are reap and dried about fifteen days. They are then brought in the farmyard to be threshed.


Leonfoerte’s wide bean is grown in the territory of the municipality of Leonforte and surrounding municipalities (Assoro, Nissoria, Enna). Most of the operations related to its cultivation are still carried out manually. The farming operations are still carried out by methods which are derived directly from the Egyptians and Romans: practically still Leonforte’s wide bean is grown in the same way. Thanks to a centuries-old tradition, this special type of legume is capable of passing tastes and flavors that are lost in the mists of time ...

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