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La Petrolla

The olive trees that are grow in the Campania region are characteristic of a tradition that dates back to the Magna Grecia age. The olives that are particular to this region are marked by their excellent taste and nutritional value.

La Petrolla farm is located in the rich hills overlookong Sale river, whic is 500 feet above sea level, where the mild climate creates the perfect conditions for the blossoming and the ripening of the fruit.

We at La Petrolla modify and improve that ancient tradition by creating a blend of the trees Leccino anf Frantoio from the central northen region, with the Coratinafrom the south.

The skiful blending of the oils makes for superb quality with a very balanced taste. It is full yet mild enough. It has a fruty flavor that is never bitter or hot. Harvested by hand, the olives are immediately crushed on the premises in our "frantoio" (the farm's mill). This delicious olive oil can be used raw or in cooking and is always excellent.